When Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

21 June 2022
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Personal injury lawyers specialise in cases whereby people sustain psychological or physical injuries. These cases also encompass financial losses resulting from the negligence or carelessness of an organisation or individual. This piece evaluates several instances in which you need a personal injury lawyer.  

Road Accidents

Road accidents occur frequently, and you might sustain injuries as a passenger, driver or pedestrian. The guilty party in any road accident is the negligent person. Therefore, the personal injury lawyer examines the photos, statements, vehicles and road conditions to determine the party to blame. This evidence establishes whether you have a case to present through a compensation claim.

The sooner the lawyer files the personal injury claim, the faster you can begin the procedure. Having an experienced attorney ensures that you handle any issues that arise in the course of your claim. Insurance companies invest heavily in defence; therefore, you must be prepared to present an indisputable claim. 

Premise Liability

Property owners have to protect residents. People who enter your land, house or business place are your responsibility. Owners must shield visitors from any hazardous conditions since any injuries to the occupants expose them to litigation. Personal injury attorneys evaluate if the person was a trespasser, casual visitor or business guest.

A wide variety of accidents fall in this category. Some common examples include swimming pool injuries, slips and falls, negligent security, chemicals, faulty electrical systems, poor lighting and poisoning. If you encounter any of these accidents while in someone else's residence, ensure a personal injury lawyer evaluates your case.

Product Issues

As a consumer, you expose yourself to many dangers when purchasing and using specific products. For example, you may buy drugs with undisclosed side effects or electronics that are a fire hazard. Manufacturers take insurance covers against product and professional liability. Therefore, you deserve compensation if a product harms your health or finances. 

People injured due to defective products have different legal options. Personal injury lawyers help the aggrieved party to explore these options. The defendants in such cases end up settling and recalling defective products to prevent further harm. Due to the reputational damage that such companies risk, launching a solid case against them often ends in compensation. 

Workers Compensation

Workers compensation cases involve injuries that happen when performing employee duties. Most employers have insurance covers to pay for such claims. Still, you need a lawyer to represent you and ensure the insurance company holds up its end of the deal. Compensation from this claim ensures that you provide for yourself and your family during the injury and after recovery. 

Common cases requiring a personal injury lawyer include road accidents, personal liability, product issues and workers compensation. For more information, reach out to a firm such as ARDENT LAWYERS.