All You Need To Know About Family Lawyers

29 September 2022
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A family lawyer is often your first call when you have a family issue that needs legal intervention. The piece below details the inner workings of family lawyers. Hopefully, it should help you understand what to expect once you hire a family lawyer. 

Family Lawyers Are Excellent Investigators

Did you know that most family law matters involve intense investigations? For instance, when filing a divorce, your partner could go into hiding to evade the divorce. In this case, your lawyer initiates the process service to help locate your partner. For instance, they could hire a private investigator or engage local police services to track your partner. On the other hand, if you intend to divide marital assets, the family lawyer conducts background research to establish the value of your marital assets and your current liabilities. 

Moreover, they assess loan documents and follow the money trail to determine whether you are liable for current debts. For instance, if your partner took a loan to manage an inherited business, your lawyer could exempt you from repaying the debt since you do not have any rights to the property. The lawyer also assesses your prevailing financial situation to determine if you qualify for spousal maintenance. If you wish to nullify a prenuptial contract, the lawyer evaluates the conditions under which you signed the contract to determine the possibility of nullification. 

Family Lawyers Are Excellent Negotiators

Most family law matters are settled outside the courts. As such, they often look for ways to get warring parties on the same page. For instance, divorce usually involves long negotiations between lawyers representing both parties. Therefore, when engaging a family lawyer, it would be prudent to conduct some due diligence on their negotiation skills and tactics. For instance, you could assess their history in handling similar cases. For example, were their clients comfortable with the results? Remember, the lawyer's primary responsibility is ensuring their clients get the best result. 

Family Lawyers Focus On Maintaining Relationships

Although your family lawyer is bound to protect your interests, they must manage your expectations. For instance, when drafting parenting agreements, the lawyer helps you prioritise the child's interests over settling your vendetta with your partner. After all, the Family Law compels you to consider the child's best interests. On the other hand, when creating pre-natal and post-nuptial contracts, the lawyer ensures that the agreement is fair for both parties. After all, it could get nullified if it contains absurd clauses. 

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