Family Lawyer: 4 Situations When You Are Required to Update Your Will

12 May 2021
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One of the most important documents that you should get a family lawyer to help you prepare is your last will. If you have already prepared it, you have taken an admirable step in securing your family's future. However, if you wrote the will more than three years ago, consider assessing any changes in your life and how they could affect the execution process. Let a family lawyer go through the will to see if it needs to be updated based on your current needs. Read More 

Going Through a Divorce? 3 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Family Lawyer

19 February 2021
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Generally, divorce is an overwhelming process. You'll be required to make time for court sessions, workout child custody and visitation formulae, fill loads of paperwork and gather all your financial records. It can be a back-breaking process, especially if you don't have so much time on your hands. When you get to this point, you might want to hire a family lawyer. The family lawyers experienced in divorce cases are competent in all the issues revolving around a divorce, ranging from child custody to division of property. Read More