4 Benefits of Having a Franchise Lawyer in Your Corner: A Guide for Startup Franchisees

7 February 2018
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Franchising can be quite lucrative, mainly if prospective business owners try to invest their time and money in an international or national franchise that has a competitive edge in a given niche market. Franchising requires you to prepare your legal paperwork to protect your future business. For example, most franchise disclosure agreements and documents provided by a franchisor are very bulky and contain legal jargon that only qualified franchise lawyers can interpret and advise you accordingly. Read More 

Debt Collection: Understanding the Common Legal Issues When Making Contact

4 January 2018
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Selling goods on credit can be beneficial for your business. In simple terms, this purchase option is favourable in increasing profit because it allows the buyers to spend more on your merchandise without the stress of immediate payment. The practice also promotes good relationships with customers, ensuring better retention of clients. Unfortunately, not all debtors will pay for the obtained merchandise on time. In such cases, you will need to contact the customer to request payment. Read More 

A Will and a Living Trust: What’s the Difference?

6 November 2017
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Almost everyone needs estate planning. Why? Well, because nearly everyone has an estate! Your estate is made up of all things that you own. It may consist of your house, car, life insurance, savings account, jewellery, and other property, both real and personal. Estate planning involves making a decision ahead of time on exactly who is to benefit from your estate when you die, and to what extent. It can either start with a will or a living trust. Read More 

Instances Where You May Have to Go to Court over Child Custody

29 September 2017
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The Australian family law system encourages people to resolve family law matters out of court whenever they can. Out of court settlements can be reached through alternative dispute resolution processes such as mediation and negotiation. Of course, there will be circumstances where it is not possible to resolve the matter in question without resorting to court action. If you're entangled in a family law dispute with your former spouse over who should have custody of the children, you should seek counsel from a family law lawyer before acting on the matter. Read More 

Importance of a Buy-Sell Agreement in Business Partnerships

1 September 2017
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Various business agreements come in handy when creating, running and terminating a business partnership. Of these, in a business partnership involving several owners with specific obligations, unfortunate events may occur like the death of one of the business owners, divorce or bankruptcy. As a result, this shareholder may end connections with the company. Planning for such eventualities well in advance is important, or else the remaining business owners may face serious business challenges. Read More